CMS 2019, Please check fantastic Summer Marketing Event!
Musician, Book-Signing, Site-event and a variety of events will be held in CMS 2019!! 

 Opening Performance DAY 1


(A genius classical guitarist, Jang Ha-Eun’s performance will be held on July 4th)  


A genius guitarist, Jang Ha-Eun majored in guitar at the Korea National University of Arts and is gaining international attention as a next-generation performer for her free thoughts and performances that are not tied to anything. She has won various awards including the Korea Other Association International Guitar Competition, the Vladivostok School Award in Russia, and the Carnegie Hall Peace Concert Music Achievement Award in New York from New Jersey Senator Brian P.Stack.

As well as her award-winning career, she has performed more than 100 times a year at home and abroad, including a concert with world-class conductor Keum Nanse, a concert with Russia’s National Opera, and a concert with the Herald Philharmonic Orchestra.

Following CMS 2018, Jang Ha-Eun’s guitar performance of great passion, what song will impress you this year?

 Opening Performance DAY 2


(The Story-teller, world-renowned finger-style guitarist Jung Sung-Ha will perform on July 5th)


Jung Sung-ha did not take guitar lessons from childhood. He said that his father, who usually likes music, was the main reason why he caught the guitar. When my father played guitar at the age of 3, he used to play a toy guitar by his side, and when he was in the third grade of elementary school, he saved money and had a real guitar. It is also said that Jung Sung-ha’s father held a guitar peak instead of a computer mouse when he was in the third grade in elementary school to divert attention from his son who was obsessed with computers.

 CMS 2019 Opening DJ

※  In CMS 2019, there is a Premiere Performance session during registration time (08:20-08:45 am) as part of the overall program.

DJ John will present professional DJing on July 4 and DJ Fenner on July 5.

July 4th Performance – DJ Fenner

July 5th Performance – DJ John

 Special Event: “Afternoon Meditation”

※ In CMS 2019, a meditation program was organized during the afternoon as a special program for participants.

Yoo Jeong-eun, a meditation expert who created the nation’s first meditation app, will be joining the group.